School  Philosophy Statement

    Shin-Shing High School is a private and coeducational school for students in grades 10 to 12. Shin-Shing has been known as an innovative school, one devoted to change and believe in that renewal and growth are fundamental. With this belief, Shin-Shing is dedicated to the intellectual, moral, physical and spiritual growth of its students. The school seeks to develop within each student a strong sense of self-confidence to contribute to a complex and challenging world, reflecting its motto---Renewal and growth are fundamental.

     The mission of Shin-Shing is to provide our students with sufficient opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, maturity, self-esteem and know-how required to meet the needs of the life that lies ahead. The primary commitment is to a strong academic program either in vocation or in 2-year /4-year college preparation. Students are expected and encouraged to achieve their potential through the curriculum they choose. The goal of Shin-Shing is for each student to become, by cultivating intellectual, aesthetic, social and physical development, well-prepared for a rich and full life in the rapidly changing world of the future.